Decor of your door

The Many-Deco Ltd was established in order to provide a representation for one of the most important doorhandle producer of northern Italy. Our foundation was preceded by a nearly 20-year professional practice, during this period we were trading with door and window handles, other metal fittings and homeware accessories.


The company Cottali was founded in 1974 in Barghe,  in the region of Lombardy, Italy. From then on it grew slowly but constantly, keeping in step with the times. It addressed its production mainly towards foreign countries and is today regulary present in over 30 nations. The constant technological renovation of the company enables it to prosper in the market and the excellent relation with the clients give the necessary tranqullity to continue the growth.


Our wide range of products can be seen in Budapest in our showroom and at the same time our customers also have the possibility to buy or order the products here.

Presently you have the biggest choice in the range of doorhandles. you can look for your handle from the cheapest aluminium types, the middle priced handles and the very high qualitiy  products.  Beside this  we can take into consideration your specail requiests or we can even produce the copy of your old models.  As we have constantly production you can choose among 150 different type of handles. The surface of the handle can be decided from 17 different finishes.


Choose from the folowing cathegories:

  • Door and window handles with 17 different surface finish
  • Doorknobs, pullers, sliding door pullers
  • Complet range of products in accessories (cylinder coverings, toilette handles and locks, sliding  door locks and pullers, handles, door knockers…etc)
  • Furniture knobs and pullers
  • Porelain knobs
  • Pictograms, house numbers

Different hooks and coat hooks

  • Antique escutcheons and handles
  • Production of door-step rails after invidual meassures
  • Invidual casting, renovation of old brass products