The invidual demands are very important for us so your choice ist the biggest here: After choosing a model you can place it on different formed, meassured and styled roses or plates.   After you can  choose from the very different surface finishing.

In case you have a doorhandle made of brass your possibilities:

OLV – polished laquered brass CRS – satin chrom ORO ANT – antique gold ANT NV –dark antique not lacquered  
OLV SAT – satin brass NIKK- satin nikkel ANT BL –antique with spots ORO FR-french gold  
CR – polish chrom OGR -antique bronzed brass OLD ANT – dark antique lacquered ARG ANT – antique silver  

Particular models are available in „bicoloure” finish which means these have 2 coloued surface: satin chrom with shiny polished crom or satin brass with shiny polished brass.